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Posted on Mar 29, 2014 | 0 comments

One of my favorite parts of photography is the “creative” aspect. I love when I get the chance to try something new. Is it a little nerve-wracking? Sure. I always get a little nervous before a shoot, but it’s because I want so badly to do a great job and to make sure I capture shots the client is going to LOVE. That’s my main goal. I want my clients to be happy, and if they are more surprised and impressed than what they were expecting, all the better!

So when I got the call to do a baptism session, along with a family shoot {see “Eversull Fam” under Family}, I was so excited. This was such a fun session, with such a fun and beautiful little girl. She has such a big personality and I loved getting to spend a little time with her. I think we found a fun way to capture the excitement and speciality of her “big day” that was coming up. I sure hope so at least! Anytime you get to bring in props and be creative {which I highly recommend} you capture so much more personality. It really adds a lot to a session. I truly hope these are photos to be treasured for a long time.











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