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So happy you found this post! This is one of the most fun sessions I’ve done. The session included the whole family, but we got really creative and did lots of fun things with this little gem. Want me to fill you in on a secret? The secret of why this session went so well and turned out so great? The Mom. Mom was on the ball. She had BIG plans and BIG ideas, and wasn’t afraid to follow through with them. Sometimes it can seem a little “overboard” but once you see the final results, you’ll be glad you decided to be bold. Go big. Be creative. Try something different. You will love it. {another trick? mom brought pixie sticks. the colored straight sugar little paper sticks you hate cuz they spill everywhere… yep. those. and they worked magic. keeps the kids happy, smiling, and in a great mood.} Way to go Mom! And seriously, isn’t she just adorable??!? And that curly hair! She’s a doll.










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