Studio Lighting Metal

Posted on Dec 6, 2012 | Comments Off

For my Studio Lighting Portfolio Final one of the assignments was to shoot metal. Metal is a very difficult and tricky subject to light and expose properly. When you are photographing metal, it’s not about the subject, it’s about what reflects IN the subject. I chose to shoot silverware. The trickest silverware is the spoon. Good metal lighting for a spoon has the “spoon smile” [found in the bottom right portion of the curve of the spoon in my photograph] and a reflection. This is the dark black spot found on the left of the spoon. You also need to have gradient to show the curvature of the spoon. While it was frustrating at first and very time consuming and tricky, I finally mastered the art of Spoon Lighting. Once I got this down I was able to add in more props. Aka the Fork [and plate]. I will never look at metal object photography the same. It needs to be properly lit and WELL done. Here is a pretty good example, and an image I am very proud of.