teichert/hill family || cokeville wy family photographer

Posted on Jun 30, 2015 | 0 comments

My best friend got married, meaning of course, I made a trip back to the other side of the state, for the wedding. Before the reception the next day her family decided to do a big group photo session. It was their first family pictures in, like 17 years. Meaning, actual professional family photo, where everyone was there. {well, almost} It’s hard when you have a BIG family! With a large group, and lots of little kids, you have to be FAST. Kids only last so long being patient and happy to have their pictures taken. We were over and done with in 25 minutes. Impressive, right? It also helped that they had swedish fish for a bribe if they were good! We’re not above that when it comes to getting “the shot”. I’d even say the kiddos were better behaved than the adults… haha {i can say that} So, yes, we were missing someone, but I was able to do some photoshopping, and make it a complete family portrait. Just don’t judge too harshly on the “editing”. It was the best I could do, given the circumstances. I love how they turned out though. Hopefully these are photos they will treasure for years to come! I just love this family.











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